This Is the Zodiac Speaking

I used to be a firm non-believer of anything that involved stars and moons and planets and mood and personality alterations because of them. I refused to believe that I am the way I am, or I do anything because of some strange cosmic rulings and laws. Hell, I don’t believe in anything I can’t explain with reason. I don’t believe in god, any of them, and I don’t believe in the devil. Life is life and I am what I am because of my life experiences and how I’ve been raised. That I can understand and that is what I believe.

Now the zodiac… I don’t know exactly when I started to follow a Twitter account that delivers daily zodiac-related facts and advice, and I don’t even know why I started doing it. But I am, and it’s kind of awesome how I’m starting to believe there might be a little truth behind the fucking stars and the moons and the planets. It’s stupid, and I think I’m stupid for believing it, or at least just reading it, but I can’t deny some of the shit about my sign has turned out to be surprisingly accurate.

I am a Scorpio. What most people believe of Scorpios is that we are mysterious,  strong and very sexual. True, true and… well, yeah, true. I guess there’s some sense of broadness and generality in everything said about each sign, but some things can’t be denied, and some things really hit me right there, in my denialist core.

Take one of today’s facts, for example:

There’s a hard-to-pin-down, magnetic quality which surrounds a #Scorpio, an aura which says “try me, if you dare!”

Um, I don’t know if I would be the best judge of that, or if I am anything like this at all, but I’ve heard people say something quite like this before about me.

Now, let’s take a look at March 12th:

As a #Scorpio, your illusive sweetness hides a great strength.

Haha, yeah. Totally.

How about this?

When #Scorpios love someone,they do it from the core of their heart and when they hate someone,they are extremely loyal to their hatred.

Ohhhh yeahhhh.

Alright, so what the fuck? Am I supposed to believe that the stars and the planets have a say on my personality and the dumb shit I do every day? Cause let me tell you, that sounds like a big crock of shit. The planets are nothing but mass, water and life. The stars are shiny rocks. And the universe is a weird thing we know very little about. The fact that those things determine how I am and what I do sounds unlikely and retarded.

Yet sometimes, it can be right.

#Scorpios like to keep their lives to themselves. Many people find this to be annoying that a #Scorpio can never open up.

#Scorpio must learn to self-regulate more effectively, to resist the urge to lash out when hurt.

As a #Scorpio, your systems run smoothly because you have created a style of interaction that works for you perfectly.

Dude, what the hell is this? Who the fuck is looking into my head, peering through my window and eavesdropping on my conversations with myself? And how the fuck does that Twitter account person know that this is how I am?

I know what some people might say. All of this is crap that can be applied to anyone. But it still is me, and I can’t stop reading it. I’ve also found that “the Zodiac” can be more or less right about some people I know. Maybe it is bullshit and it’s all just general crap that right about everyone can relate to and call their own. That’s a logical reasoning and I would usually believe it. Actually, I would tell everyone that’s what I believe, because it’s right and doesn’t involve believing in inanimate objects like a lunatic. Still, I would secretly read the Twitter stuff and take it in like today’s breaking news. Because that is what a woman like me does. We deny our own vulnerability to appear tougher, meaner and stronger.

I don’t really know what’s up with the Zodiac, or if it’s at all true. All I know is that, sometimes it shows things about me I would never dare to admit to. That is kind of wow. I am torn. Logic will break my heart, but so will the fucking Zodiac.

If you’re wondering what that magical Twitter account is, go here. I also follow this one, cause I’m a very sexual Scorpio woman and stuff.


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