Self Indulgent, Hedonistic, Blame it All on Your Upbringing

Good Natured

The Good Natured. What a wonderful woman. I want to add her to my list of “women I would marry if I didn’t like guys so much”. PJ Harvey, Liela Moss, Karin Dreijer Andersson, Alisson Mosshart, Johnette Napolitano, they’re all in it. And this girl.

Her name is Sarah McIntosh and she is awesome. At only 18, she’s managed to write some pretty intense and lyrically charged songs that make her sound wise beyond her years. While her voice has a bit of a Lily Allen feel to it (mehhhh), the heavy use of keyboards and synthesizers, and the imminent sense of gloom and loneliness you get from listening to her are more than enough to dispel any comparisons. I don’t know, she reminds me soooo much of Robert Smith. Like, I bet she’s a total little goth Cure fan.

I had a wonderful time today driving in the blazing sun with The Good Natured blaring from the speakers, screaming out the lyrics like a maniac. It’s something I do – yell out in the privacy of my car while the entire world is watching, but not listening. Cause I am nuts.

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