Never Gonna Give You Up…

If you guys were alive and out in the world about three years ago, you might remember the remarkable phenomenon that took over the internet best known as Rick Rolling. If you were born later, and for some reason are able to work a computer and read, and aren’t drooling yourself senseless, I guess you need to know what Rick Rolling is. It’s basically making people click on links you send them by giving them false information, when in reality what they will open is this.

HAHAHA you’ve been Rick Rolled.

For example, you can be like, duuude, look at this picture of Lady Gaga’s penis! Whoa, it’s fucking huge! And then have a link to the alleged penis that goes here.

HAHA! Again, I just Rick Rolled all of you.

But yeah, that’s how it works. The link in question goes to a video of Rick Astley’s 1987 hit “Never Gonna Give You Up”.  It became iconic, a legendary, hard-to-forget meme that swept across the interwebs like fucking hurricane Katrina. It certainly brought Rick Astley’s career back from the depths of invisibility and made him somewhat relevant again. Dude, Rick Astley was a beautiful man. I mean, what an attitude! And the dance! How can so much awesomeness not become fucking viral? Yeah, makes perfect sense.

Indeed, this was cool. There was a time a few years ago when you were hesitant to open any link, anywhere. Seriously, not even on Wikipedia or CNN. Such wonderful times. I know I probably got Rick Rolled about 6967656890000 times, give or take, but that’s cause I’m an easy target for jokes and pranks, being naive and all. Years have passed, and we’ve regained our trust in the internet (for the most part) and are able to open links without the threat of a dorky redhead invasion lurking anywhere in our minds.

Until yesterday.

During a lunch conversation with some co-workers, we realized some people had no idea what Rick Rolling was. They were also in the dark about bukkake, but that’s a story for another day (I have so many stories I owe you guys, I really should tell you some time). And then, it was as if we were back in ’08, and Rick Astley’s dancing glory was pervasive on the internet. Those who were familiar with Rick Rolling took it upon themselves to pester and harass those who didn’t. And the offended wanted payback. The Rick Roll wars had begun.

Now, the problem with Rick Rolling, once you know what Rick Rolling is about, and how it is done, is getting people distracted enough to open your links without even thinking they will get Rick Rolled. The thing is, we probably instructed our internet-handicapped friends too well about Rick Rolling and the fine arts of trolling. They just won’t open our links anymore. They’re extra wary and think twice, thrice, before opening anything that comes from us.

What can we do? Plan big, aim for the sky. They might win little battles, but the final war is yet to be waged, and from there, we will come out victorious. Rick Rolling can’t be that hard. After all, a meme becomes a meme because it is far-reaching and culturally relevant. And what makes something far-reaching and relevant? Lots of people who know about and partake in it. So yeah, lots of idiots got Rick Rolled. Lots of them, millions even.

For those of you who are part of the war, and are reading this, mark my fucking words: You will be Rick Rolled, and you will be impressed with how. In fact, you will be so amazed, your faces will be like this.


Some people live their lives to revel in the past. I like to take the best and throw away the rest (heh). Rick Rolling is a thing from the past that I would definitely keep close to my heart. The rest is all gone.


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