Good Mood Provided By…

Hey, what’s up. I am a little bored, hot out my mind in my underwear, and my car is in the shop, so all I have left here is the computer. Blogging. I guess I should be pissed off cause of all the miserable Sundays of my life, this one has been particularly annoying. But I am not, and as much as I think about it, there’s only one thing I honestly believe is the reason for my good mood…

No, not sex.

No, not money (heh, money is the last thing I have right now).

Nope, school is not over yet. I’m pretty sure it never will be.

Yeah, that’s it. A fucking Coke Zero.

Thing is, I haven’t been able to do anything remotely interesting all weekend. Thanks to my reckless, incompetent driving, my car is fucked, and its right shock absorber needs replacing. Thanks to the fact that I live in a third-world country, nobody could do this usually easy task on Saturday, so it will have to wait until Monday. And thanks to my horrible luck, they kept my car in the shop all weekend. And in all this misery and desperation to leave my oven of a house but being unable to, all I kept thinking about was a coke. An ice cold Coke Zero, with its fizzy flavor and thirst-quenching powers. I wanted a coke sooo bad yesterday.

Today, I ate outside with my mother. It was kind of a bonding experience, you can say. I haven’t really been on the best terms with her, and things were getting a little out of control. But I have to admit, she has been trying to make things work. I am her only daughter, and she isn’t really a bad person at heart. She’s just horribly controlling, stubborn and temperamental, so seeing a change on her part, even a minor one, can be considered great progress. Now, I have noticed a big change. How can I deny her the chance to be a part of my life again? So I went out to lunch with her. It was a great gesture of her to buy me a coke as soon as we got there.

Coke Zero is an important part of my life. It is embedded in my daily routine, and it plays the part of my crutch sometimes (I don’t drink alcohol, so I drink Coke Zero). I once told a friend that any favor is paid back with a Coke Zero. That’s how I see it. I consider it nice when someone gives me a Zero. Like, if someone gets me a lemonade, or even a regular coke, it shows me they either don’t know me or don’t care. I consider Coke Zero a peace offering. Like, Argentines have mate, right? Well, coke is my mate. Basically, you can give me a coke and I will give you my heart. It was really cool to get a coke from my Mom. She’s usually the kind who doesn’t care about details – the kind of person who would have gotten me a bottle of iced tea (ew) – but she paid attention, and that’s a great step toward progress.

The nicer surprise, however, is that she bought a coke without me noticing it, and put it in the fridge. A few minutes ago, I went to the kitchen and opened the fridge to munch on something and gain weight, and my eye caught the gorgeous glimmer of a cold Coke Zero, in all its brown beauty.

I was bought. My heart is yours, mother.

I care a lot about details, and I care a lot about my Coke Zero. It doesn’t need to be a big thing, like I’ve just shown. A Coke Zero solved 22 years of mother-daughter conflicts, and it made my Sunday a lot less miserable. It’s a pretty good deal, don’t you think?

I’m so easy to make happy.


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