Something to Do

If you know me, you know one thing is true about me: I am always bored. ALWAYS. All the fucking time. The way things are going, it seems I have lots of things to keep me busy in the next few months.  Let’s see, there’s graduation seminars and their excessive workload, my thesis, work and work-related projects, my upcoming fashion design classes, this blog, Twitter, etc., so I guess I have plenty on my plate to not be bored for the next ten years or so.

However, it just so happens that I am still bored, and it is the most exhausting kind of perpetual boredom there can ever be. It’s so weird, cause I have lots of things at home to keep me entertained, yet I can’t seem to want to do any. I’ve thought of things I can do to fight the excessive boredom, and I’ve come up with a few ideas:

1. Sketching/Fashion Design

Goes with one of my immediate goals. I recently bought a book that’s gonna help me a great deal in that sense. I am tired of spending all my money on clothes and always being broke – it’s time I take matters into my own hands.

2. Reading

I have about 10 books on my shelf that I bought in New York and haven’t had the chance to pick up and read, just because my life is a mess. I could surely make some time for some quality reading, if only I arranged my schedule a little better, but it’s easier for me to keep my life messy as it is, so I haven’t. I will though, soon.

3. Playing Kaossilator

Another awesome purchase I made in New York and haven’t got around to yet. I was really into it a few months ago, but now my interest has gone stale. It’s a really cool mini synthesizer, and playing it would certainly earn me some cool points, so I guess I’m an idiot for not doing it. Go here for more info.

4. Starting my own novel

I have tons of ideas floating around in my head that would make for solid novels, but I’m lazy and my talent is null. I remember when I had time to write 700 pages’ worth of narrative, and life was good back then. I miss writing like that. It made me a better person. Now I just suck and have no hobbies cause I suck.

5. Learning to program an Arduino

So it was an impulsive buy, so what? If you’re not sure what I’m talking about, go here and learn some. This is actually a pretty cool geeky thing that I would love to learn to program and use, but I’m sure I won’t cause my brain is not wired in code like that. It’d be good to try and not give up on it. This one kind of gives me hope – I just ordered the board, and will get it soon, let’s see how it goes.

6. Hipster photography

Remember when I went on a depressive shopping spree and bought a totally hipster Holga camera? One of my closest friends suddenly became obsessed with lomography after I told her I got a Holga, and is insane about all aspects of photography, from picture taking to film developing. So I thought, that is kind of cool. In a hipster way, of course. So why not? Once I get my Holga, I’ll see how interesting it is and for how long I find it so.

7. Starting my own personal business project

Some of my friends have started to break into the digital marketing arena with their own personal projects to better their financial situation. I would be so successful at this, but I am too lazy to think of something worth doing. Maybe I don’t have enough faith in myself, and am terrified of change and failure. I am pretty sure that, if I had some encouragement, someone pushing me to do better, I would kick ass.

8. Downloading all my music back

As I told you before, a while ago I deleted all my music for the third time, and this time it is gone for good. Ok, so I didn’t actually delete it. I just kicked the fucking hard drive that contained it off the table and broke it forever. So, the arduous task of recovering all my music is… well, more arduous than ever this time. It is doable, however, but it requires lots of time and patience. I started already (I’ve recovered my old iTunes library all the way from A to C), but the way things are going now, I don’t think I’ll be finishing any time soon.

9. Spending quality time with the people I love

Yeah, yeah. I’m so gay. I can’t help it, I love people and sometimes it’s cool to spend time with them. Some of them.

10. Spending quality time with myself

I know what my problem is. I feel lonely all the time. I don’t like being alone, so I go out. I need to learn to appreciate the time I spend alone, and make the best of it. I have to learn to be comfortable with being alone in my room. Once that is done, I guess I wouldn’t mind being alone in life, if it’s appropriate.

I am done with this post now, and guess what? I am bored. I will never change.


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