A Change of Speed, A Change of Style

I am writing cause I’ve been looking for an excuse to use my computer for stuff that is not boring. Granted, this does not qualify as top-notch entertainment, but hey, at least it’s not my thesis.

I’ve been undergoing major changes which have completely exhausted my will to live. Too much going on at the same time, too small a heart to know how to deal with it. Basically, everything that could go wrong, did indeed go wrong.

However, I am not writing to tell you about my misfortune. I must admit that I am my own worst enemy when it comes to emotional support, but I will not dwell in my misery any longer. I AM writing to tell you that, of all the changes I’ve been going through, one strikes me as particularly odd and unlikely of me.

I… am drinking beer. *hides*

I know, it’s so weird. Beer was one of my absolute least favorite drinks ever. Yet somehow it doesn’t seem to be that bad anymore. Maybe it’s part of growing up. Now I like beer and will develop an unflattering pot belly, gross. Maybe it’s like, mandatory for regular, grownups (who are not awful snobs or stuck up wino bitches) to drink beer cause it’s cheap and grownups always have money issues. I don’t know, I gave up alcohol a long time ago, I shouldn’t even drink beer.

Beer is the drink of choice everywhere here, and I always felt both special and alienated when it came to it. I never drank beer, so I could not partake in the oh-so-traditional ritual of beer-drinking as I would have liked, but I felt proud that I never succumbed to the manipulation of cheap peer pressure. Until now. If I have to be completely honest, I don’t think beer is all that wonderful, but it does have its share of magic powers. It’s a friendly drink – one that you can enjoy, regardless of its taste.

Cheers to all my beer-drinking buddies and thanks for the involuntary introduction to the beer club.



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