Hi. I couldn’t sleep last night cause something was on my mind bothering every single one of my brain cells like a nasty five-year-old. When I was finally able to sleep, it was too late cause the sun was back out and the merciless heat began to pierce through my window. Nasty piece of shit sun.

Here I am, waking up at around 1 PM, feeling horrible and lazy and ugly. That is not right, no way should I feel like this, ever.

My question is, what kind of drugs can I take in order to fall asleep despite all my pestering ideas and mundane problems?

Seriously, I need drugs.

My sleep pattern is all fucked up now. Since I’m working at home, I have no need to wake up early, so I usually sleep really late. Even if I want to sleep early, I can’t; my brain won’t let me. So I guess I need drugs, or some sort of “magical” herb that makes people doze off… or hallucinate.

Perhaps it’s not drugs that I need. Maybe I just need to get rid of all the things that keep me up at night, like my TV, my silly thoughts, my paranoia, and all those other feelings of hopelessness that seem to strike only when the lights are out. Are there any drugs for that?

Ugh, I think I’m gonna head back to bed now. The world is an awful place right now.


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