Bourdain Is a Lucky Bitch

There’s this one thing I want to do before I die. Ok, there are lots of things I want to do before I die, but there’s one in particular I swear I can’t die without doing. Like, I can’t kill myself because I haven’t done it yet.

Heh, kidding. I don’t want to kill myself.

That extraordinary thing I can’t wait to have enough money to do is travel to Asia. Literally, I find reasons to go to Asia every day. Asia, meaning every single fucking country, not just China and Japan – that’s what most people think of when they hear Asia. From the ruthless Muslim countries, through the Indian subcontinent, to the Four Asian Tigers, I want to see everything, smell everything and eat everything. In honor of my desire to travel to Asia, this post is going to be called:

Reasons I so desperately want to go to Asia (someone please fund my trip <3):


I am a big city person. The bigger, more packed and densely populated, the better. New York is my favorite city because it is big, and has a life of its own. Tokyo is pretty much the same, times a million. Like New York on speed, I’ve been told. Yum.

India and neighbors

File:Taj Mahal in March 2004.jpg

One of the longest stops in my trip will definitely be in India. It’s a huge country with lots of things to see, and I don’t wanna miss any. I mean, this is the place where tea, yoga and Gandhi came from – it’s like heaven for a Humanities aficionado like me. Also, I’d love to visit neighboring Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Pakistan and even Nepal. Each has its own history to tell, and its own magnetism drawing me to it.

Fucked up shit

File:2007 Myanmar protests 7.jpg

As a potential human rights activist, I am intensely interested in world conflicts and issues where humans might be suffering. I spend a lot of time reading about human rights violations all over the world, and Asia is full of them, everywhere. Women’s rights violations in Saudi Arabia and Iran, evil dictatorships and corrupt military regimes in Burma, North Korea, Laos and more, extreme poverty in Bangladesh or Cambodia, water crisis in Yemen… They’ve got pretty much everything on their plate.

Awesome food


Ahhh, food. The greatest thing about Asia is that it has its own identity. Rather, each country has its own strong, powerful identity, and food is a great part of it. Asia has spawned delicious treats such as shawarma, fried rice, curry, kebabs, bubble tea, sushi and soooo much more goodness. There’s got to be a much bigger, diverse palette of flavors that I have yet to taste…


File:Temple Mount Western Wall on Shabbat by David Shankbone.jpg

My favorite place in the world. I consider myself an enthusiast for the Jewish cause, regardless of the State of Israel’s bully-like politics and its kiss-ass alliance with the United States. Known as the Holy Land, Israel is of great significance to the Muslim, Jewish, and Christian religions; and as such, it carries a very heavy, rich cultural baggage. Plus, shawarma…


File:Istiklal Avenue in Istanbul on 3 June 2007.jpg

Remember shawarma? That taco-like sandwich full of chicken and love? It is very popular in some Arab nations, and it is widely known in Israel, but, surprisingly, it was originated in Turkey. That’s how awesome Turkey is. Besides, it is a glorious modern nation with incredible sounds, sights, carpets and history. Of course, being the center of the Ottoman Empire contributed a hell of a lot to this wonderful cultural heritage.

Bonus: Bali

File:1 tirtha empul temple.jpg

One of the thousands of islands that form Indonesia, it is known for being the Southeast Asian capital of tourism. It just looks like a cool, relaxing place. I don’t think I’d want to stay there a whole month, not even a week, possibly, but I bet it’d be great to get lost in Bali for a couple days, away from computers, cellphones and TV.


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