Shun the Nonbeliever

News flash: I am an Atheist. I don’t believe in God, the devil, the Bible, the Virgin, the Saints, Allah, the Torah, Buddha, Krishna, Elvis Presley or what have you. I believe that life is a progression of random events and coincidences that are put together by nothing more than the world around you and the circumstances. Nothing cosmic is behind them, just the other people I cohabitate this festering planet with. I refuse to believe in extremely long fairytales and make them the main element in my life – I didn’t believe in fairytales when I was told them, no way am I going to start now.

For those of you who believe, I am a heathen. Fine, I can live with that. So should you. I don’t give a fuck and neither should you. No one should try to change me, because the more you try, the more I will try to refuse to, and I can be VERY stubborn if I want to.

I just thought I should say it. You know, for those of you who think my soul is doomed.


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