Where’s My Plus One?

Giant internet groundbreakers and the biggest contender for world domination, Google, has released its own version of a social network that seems to be prepared to kick Facebook right in the nutsack. It’s called Google+ (plus) and it has a slew of interesting features that seem to be giving Facebook a run for its money.

Now, Google+ is based around the idea of grouping people in different circles, and sharing information with each group separately. That’s what Facebook tried to do with friends groups and privacy settings, but they didn’t really succeed at it. The circles thing seems to me like a well thought out idea, and it might be one of the main attractions of Google+. Another interesting feature is called Hangout, and it’s basically the ability to meet via videochat with up to ten people in your groups, all through Google+. I have tried it already, and it seems to be alright, despite Google’s troubled history with video chat. The layout is very simple, following Google’s minimalistic approach on color and design, and the overall structure is user-friendly enough for regular mortals (like myself on occasions) to use it.

One particularly clever idea that Google+ has brought to the table is the +1, or the Google equivalent to Facebook’s “Like” feature, but much smarter. I had seen that “+1” circulating around social networks like Twitter for a while, but it was Google who made it public and popular. This shows me that Google does take into consideration the users, and their ideas, and thinks carefully before releasing a product. Well, except for Google Wave. What the hell was that?

This is probably going to turn into Google’s most ambitious bet, as it has the power of becoming the one final link that will unite all of Google’s services and users into one big world of Google-nation (or Google domination).

At the moment, Google+ is in its beta phase, and is only available via invite. So, unless you have cool special friends who have a Google+ account (like me), and want to invite you, you can’t have access to all its goodness. You will, but later, when all the other regular people do.

Nope, I can’t invite you. Okay, I can, but only if I like you. And you have to buy me a Coke.

I know I am an atheist, but if there’s a god somewhere in this universe, it’s probably responsible for Google. If not, then I claim Google as my new god.


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