My Synth-Loving Heart

Have I ever told you how much I love electroclash?

Yeah, I don’t like it a whole lot, but when I like it, I like it with a special passion.

What the hell, yeah I love electroclash. I don’t know how that goes with my theory that I like music that sounds human and takes you into an emotional journey. Yeah, that’s like about forty percent of the NIN catalog, Joy Division, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, anything Michael Gira, Nick Drake and some more. Yet, every time I look at my (now meager) music collection, and at all the music I’ve come across over the years, I have found two constants: post punk and electronic music in all variations. Sure, that thing about being emotional can and usually does apply to post punk, but electronica sometimes just doesn’t quite fit into that standard.

Most of the electronic music I listen to is aimed towards enjoyment rather than introspection. It is active, quirky and shallow, for the most part.

(No, I’m not talking about David Guetta, fuck no.)

Electroclash is definitely not human. It might be human, but in the sense of humans passing for robotically enhanced beings with hyped up synth playing abilities to achieve their ends. It’s fun, and I like things that are fun.

Here are three of my personal favorites:

Ladytron – Deep Blue (Velocifero, 2008)

Cobra Killer – Mund auf – Augen zu (Stecker raus, ich dreh’ durch) (76 77, 2004)

ADULT. – Glue Your Eyelids Together (Anxiety Always, 2003)


And of course, who can forget the ones who started the madness…


Atari Teenage Riot – Speed (Delete Yourself, 1995)


I have a synth-loving heart, whatever. I am not deep and emotional, whatever. I have a soft spot for pulsing synths, they’re sexy, so what. Fuck off, you guys like David Guetta.


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