I’ll Never Tell You That…

I am happy I did that one thing I did that one time out of pure random luck. 

It was all aligned, all part of a master plan crafted by someone much larger than me. You were carefully sliding in as the last fragments of yesterday were fading out, and you built up quietly, carefully, conscientiously, until you were sailing away, steady and strong.

It is the moment, the honest vibrancy of youth. You are alive and so am I. You paint the walls with light and bring out the glimmer in every hole and corner. You, with your candid heart, the smile you so generously give, your warmth. You opened doors, hammered through walls, reached the clouds and decided to stay there for a while. You shine and you make me shine.

You showed me I was never wrong. You made me realize I am infinite and limitless. You reach for me, you seek my company in every moment, good or bad. You know, deep down, that you have it all, and you honor it to the best of your abilities, like a knight fighting for his king. You swept away the shards of broken glass that made my skin bleed, cleaned the path so I could easily walk through, barefoot and exposed. It no longer hurts, my skin is no longer bleeding. The wounds are slowly closing in.

You are the lighthouse I once saw so far away. You make everything else seem minor, every drowning sea of sorrow seem like a puddle of muck I could easily stomp over and split apart. You bring out the best, inspire the stuff tales are made of. When you appeared, you became an ideal, the childish fantasy so eagerly awaited. Now you are here, part of a present that looks nothing but beautiful, and when I look at you, I freeze; when I touch you, I feel you.

I will never, ever dare to admit that, not too long ago, I thought you did not exist. I sincerely apologize for that, my lack of faith closed my eyes to what had always been right there.

I will never tell you that I am afraid, for somehow, when I am next to you, I feel ten miles high, where fear cannot reach me.

No, that thing I once did, I will never tell that either.


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