Common Ground

I am not a scientist, I do not know the lengths to which the brain can go to self-preserve. I do not know the wiring under the hood of one person’s own willpower and desire to overcome. I am not an experienced enough person to know the exact length of time it takes the brain to fully process a piece of virtual memorabilia, a memento of one’s past happiness or sorrow, from beginning to end. I can only speak from instinct, using logic and reasoning based on evidence. That is as best as I can do, and I can’t even guarantee that it is entirely valid.

Some things are universal, like a human being’s basic need for nourishment or interaction. Some things go beyond the limits of language, cultural background or geographic divisions. That is what I know, that is what I will always believe in. Recognizing pain in a stranger’s eyes, feeling a surge of patriotic pride in the face of adversity or joy.

It is a thing of humans, that invisible string that ties us all seven billion earthlings together. Our sensitive nature, what gives a gleam of hope to our bleak future. Neither logic nor reasoning could ever explain why we have developed such strong power to feel beyond physical sensations, but if they exist in all of us, I would dare say, we might all have felt the exact same way, at some point.

It is normal, it is etched in our core, it is a reminder of our liveliness, just like your heartbeats are. It is not to be hidden, nor to be denied, for it is vivid proof of just how beautiful living is.


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